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Irish Chamber

Welcome to our new brand identity

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In recent years your Chamber has grown rapidly and with such increased, diverse activity locally, nationally and internationally we felt it was time to have a look at our brand and ensure that it kept pace with the vibrant, modern and progressive organisation that the Chamber is in 2015.

While a brighter, contemporary colour scheme and revised logo better reflects the energy, participation and progressive leadership of today, we believe that the reimagined shamrock across Australia image also retains important links to our heritage and to the efforts of those who have gone before us.

We love the new look and we hope that you will too!

What else is changing?

As part of the ongoing development of our infrastructure, so that we can continue to improve the service we provide you, we are migrating to a new technology platform. This new platform will be a fully integrated solution which will make it easier for us to help you and easier for you to manage your orders, subscriptions, bookings and accessing resources. It will have more power to handle large and complex forms like those used in Mentoring Program applications and Irish Australian Business Awards submissions, allowing you to save your work at multiple stages and come back to complete it later.

In keeping with the new brand, it will look fresher and more modern and it will be easier to navigate on whatever devices you choose to use at any time. You'll also have access to a more comprehensive event booking module that will allow you the opportunity to book multiple guests into an event in a single transaction, securely, online in seconds.

What's going to happen?

The transition to the new technology platform will take place over a number of weeks to ensure that your access to services will be uninterrupted as far as possible. Some service elements will remain on the existing platform for a few weeks as others are activated and by the end of October we will be doing everything in the new world. Here's how it will happen.......

ALPHA - this will be active from this weekend and will be your sneak preview of the look and feel and also will let you have a look at some of what's going to be in there. Bookings and payments will still take place in the existing platform and this is effectively an opportunity to get feedback from you as to how the new site navigates and browsing the site flows for you as a user.

BETA - after 12th October we will move into Beta phase where more of the functionality of the new platform will be activated. Here's when you will start to get a feel for the power of the new platform and will provide a period for normal/heavy use testing over a range of devices and environments. You'll get an email at this point asking you to reset your password for your user account in the new system. This is important and you should act on this request when you receive it so that your access to full features is not restricted. It will also give you a chance to update any user details that may not have transferred correctly from the legacy system.

LIVE - later in the month, when any wrinkles have been ironed out and user feedback suggests stability, we will move over completely to the new platform. The URL will still be and you can access all services more conveniently and securely than ever in the new operating environment.

What if I have a problem?

We know that the new technology platform will take a bit of getting used to, that goes for us as well, but we will have buttons on the new site pages allowing you to quickly and easily provide feedback and request support from central operations support. If you are having an issue, please let us know as soon as possible and we can get to work on finding a solution for you.