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Irish Chamber

Emerald Leadership Program

The Emerald Leadership Program celebrates and supports our established and emerging Female Leaders.

It's a female focused networking group with a structured program to provide peer based network and business support to our next generation of female leaders.

Members have the chance to hear from inspirational female speakers on a quarterly basis, join a peer to peer facilitated program that will fast track their development through the shared experiences of the group and each year celebrate at a Ladies Lunch. (and yes, of course, the gents can join us for lunch too).

What is the Emerald Leadership Program?

When only one woman walked away from the 2016 Irish Australian Business Awards as a winner, the Chamber knew that it had some serious issues to address. The Irish Australian community is brimming with smart, successful women; why weren’t we seeing them on stage? Emerald Leadership Program was set up to address the imbalance.

The program consists of three elements:
1. A peer to peer mentoring group
2. A quarterly networking event
3. Year end luncheon

The Peer to Peer Roundtable is made up of 8 women in senior roles who were chosen from applicants across the chamber. The group meets monthly to discuss their business challenges and receive mentoring from one another. The second element is a quarterly networking event, featuring a leading woman speaker and the final element is the annual Emerald Leadership Lunch. 

The outcomes of this program were visible at the 2017 Awards, not only were there 2 women winners, (including Sinead Connolly, a member of the Peer to Peer group) the awards also had gender parity among the finalists and an increased number of women on the judging panel.

Our Mission

Our mission is to play a role in achieving equality – equality in salary, equality on boards, and equality in senior positions. We want to provide role models for the emerging women leaders in the chamber, you can’t be what you can’t see. We also want the male members of the Chamber to become more aware of the barriers and unconscious bias facing their female colleagues.

The peer to peer roundtable is bringing together women from diverse industries and at different life and career stages. Not only are we providing one another with support and mentoring, practical changes are happening.
Introductions are being made, contracts exchanged, new roles are being taken on and the members of the group have grown and stretched themselves as a result.

The Networking events have been a revelation. At each event more new faces from all nationalities come through the door, relieved to have an event that speaks to them. The most common phrase we hear at these events is “This is badly needed.” Networks are being strengthened and new threads are being woven throughout the women members.

People who focus on their strengths are more engaged and more productive in their jobs. We focus on building the strengths of the women in our peer group and our wider community. The combined strengths of our members become the superpowers that we need to achieve true equality in the workplace.


How you can take part

The first thing to do is join the Chamber - sounds simple and it really is! If you want to apply for an Emerald roundtable, you will need to be a member but if you just want to come along to the quarterly events and the annual lunch, you may still do so as a guest. The events will be listed on our Events page for advance member bookings when they're opened for public sale.

How to join Emerald Roundtable

To find out more about Emerald Roundtable and to submit an Expression of Interest form, click here.

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