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Irish Chamber

Code of Conduct

If selected as a participant of the Emerald Leadership Program:

  • You will, at all times, conduct yourself in a professional and ethical manner and refrain from any conduct that may harm your fellow group members; and
  • You will keep confidential any information shared with you by your fellow group members and will not disclose any such information to anyone unless expressly requested by that member; and
  • You will seek to avoid any conflicts between your interests and the interests of your group. If any actual conflict of interest or the potential for a conflict of interest arises, you will openly disclose that fact to your group and discuss how to deal with it in a manner which best serves your group’s interests; and
  • You will only use personal information supplied to you about your fellow group members (either by the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce or your fellow group members) in a manner expressly authorised by your fellow group members; and
  • As a member of the Emerald Leadership Program, you will not solicit your fellow group members for new job opportunities; and
  • As a member of the Emerald Leadership Program, please bear in mind that the program is largely delivered by a voluntary group of members. Our selection committees make the best possible decisions at all times, based on your application. Everyone is acting in good faith to help you as much as possible; please recognise that during selection and through participation if offered a place in a group.