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Irish Chamber

Breakfast of Champions

Thursday, July 25, 2013

This morning's networking breakfast was a very enjoyable launch of what looks like it will be an extremely popular series and another value add for IACC members.

Our speakers today were David Coyne of BRI Ferrier and Paul Moynes of Eco Guardians, two champions of different activities that make a difference.

David spoke of how his firm, while ready and able to act as administrators and liquidators, have a focus on working with company directors and trying to save struggling businesses where possible, thus securing the employment future of hundreds of Australian workers. David also enlightened the group on the new world in terms of director's liability for company tax liabilities which was an important lesson.

Paul shared some insights with us about the journey his company has been on as champions of sustainable products. His insight that "everyone wants to be green but few want to meet the cost" raised a few smiles in the room. He was able to give us a behind the scenes view of what happens to cooking by-products from the hundreds of thousands of chickens cooked in Australia's big supermarkets each week. Paul finished by showing the group what hundreds of kilos of food waste created in a day on Degraves Street becomes when processed in situ with one of their Gaia units - most of us thought it was coffee grounds from the barista downstairs. He was able to tell us how, not only does it reduce waste volumes but turns that waste into a valuable commodity in just nine hours. So simple but yet so brilliant.

I learned a lot from our members today and thank them for their contribution. The level of talent and innovation in our chamber continues to amaze.